Parameter Value for Power Query In the attached workbook, I have a table (that I want to be filtered on "Branch Abbrev" using the e= value in D7
It'll come handy when you share your Query (Excel / Power BI file) and the source data with others, the file path will update automatically in their computer too
It will do the merge
You can choose the table first in the Incremental Refresh settings window
Feb 7, 2023 · Here is my power query: I click "Done" and then I can look at the query via the Query Settings and I can see that it grabbed my RangeStart and RangeEnd But my "Source" produces the following error
This function is used to evaluate the provided query(s) against the target(s) by using specified parameters(s)
So from a list of DB names, we’ll be passing through the ‘slave’ DBs’ name to a query and running them against the master DB