DXO Photolab 5 can do everything that PureRAW 2 can do, but is PureRAW good enough for your needs? I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what Pure
6 Kit Lens ( 33MP, Real-time autofocus, 10 fps, 4K60p, Vari-angle touch screen, Large capacity Z battery ), Black
Its main claim to fame is its exceptional raw processing quality, combined with DxO's lab-developed lens correction profiles
6K oversampling for extraordinary 8K resolution, the new addition of 4:2:2 10-bit recording lets
) Very good denoising technology
Worked even with Minoltas AF generation one lenses from the
继续和你交流,DxO PhotoLabDxO PureRAW都是同一公司出的,DxO PureRAW就是把DxO PhotoLab中的降噪和镜头锐度处理等几个模块、做成一单独软件,所以DxO PhotoLab中如果使用默认降噪和锐化参数,那效果和PureRAW完全一样,PhotoLab 4对应PureRAW、PhotoLab 5对应PureRAW2、而PhotoLab 6对应的PureRAW 3还没出,所以现在PhotoLab 6凭
DxO released PhotoLab 6 and ViewPoint 4; AlexOnRAW eBook and Pro Color Grading Styles for Capture One bundles; Capture One Pro 23 is coming soon; What else is new? The Sony a7R IV is the camera with the most fake reviews: rating dropped from a 4